Great teams don’t just need great leaders- it takes everyone within a team to make it powerful. At Honeycomb Team Solutions we bring focus to how every individual, leader or not, has great influence over team productivity and success. Throughout our many years of working with and for teams that desperately want to find award-winning collaborative harmony, we have focused in on developing the characteristics that help bring clarity, commitment and trust to teams.

For leaders of teams, being an effective leader means knowing how to lean into the talent within your team and create synergies that couldn’t exist without the team. We help make that happen.

Our clients tend to be organizations that know there’s got to be an easier and more effective way of inspiring their teams to greatness, but haven’t yet nailed it.

Honeycomb Team Solutions is a woman-owned business headquartered in San Diego, but has been known to jet across the globe to connect with and fortify aspiring teams near and far. Let us pay your team a visit!

Melanie Proshchenko

Melanie Proshchenko

Founder and CEO

Melanie Proshchenko is the Founder and CEO of Honeycomb Team Solutions and is inspired by helping teams prosper. Whether it’s growth, change, or every day business, Melanie gets the tough challenge in taking high-performing people to create winning teams, and works to help others crack that code through coaching, team workshops, off sites, and consulting. She lives in San Diego with her home team of 2 dogs, two kids, and one extremely high-performing husband.

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