Maintaining Productivity in a Virtual World

Many of our workplaces are on lockdown, and most of us now find ourselves working from our kitchens. Whether or not this was how we were doing it before the coronavirus broke out, many shifts have no doubt taken place. The other businesses we partner with are being disrupted. Our workload has likely shifted. We’re now all working virtually. It’s tough. In response to the challenges posed to teams that must maintain peak performance in a time of uncertainty and chaos, I’m offering several 60-minute virtual courses that have been specifically designed to support you and your teams as you navigate a new way of working. I can deliver these straight to your employees at a time that suits them and design content that specifically addresses the remote needs of your workforce. Contact us to explore how we can design learning that keeps your employees engaged, positive and productive during this time.

Virtual team meetings can be as productive as in-person meetings

Walk away from this course with several ideas for leading virtual team meetings that are just as effective (and potentially even better) than the in-person meetings your team may be used to. Already use virtual meetings with your team? Use this as an opportunity to sharpen them up!

Be an effective virtual team leader

If your team has suddenly been asked to work from home and you’re finding it difficult to navigate this new paradigm, now is not the time to sit back and see what happens … it’s the time to pull together and get clear on how we’re going to operate until things get back to normal. Come learn several techniques that will enable you to lead your team as effectively as you have always led, even with COVID-19 and the distractions it’s brought with it.

Avoid burnout within your teams

It’s understandable that with school closures, lack of toilet paper in the grocery stores, and the news blaring scary statistics, it’s hard not to get stressed and burnt out. But your workplace can be an area of solace, focus, and progress, rather than a source of additional stress. Learn how to use techniques like compartmentalization and time management to create a safe space for productivity within your teams.